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Today's Horoscope

Delegate tasks to manage existing deadlines today and tomorrow. Peaceful productivity behind closed doors gets the job done. Keep a confidence. Rest and recharge with a walk outside. Make time for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • Love 9
  • Communication7
  • Work 8

Today's Aspects

  • 6:12 AM Moon enters Leo Pay close attention to your dreams over the next few days. Strictly in confidence. Conclude arrangements today and tomorrow. Two day introspective cycle.
  • 1:32 PM Moon Trine Saturn Spend more time with loved ones. Concerning personal responsibilities. Discipline and experience make the difference. Make home and family needs. Teach from experience. Work flow increases.
  • 4:55 PM Sun square Moon Stay focused. A hidden danger could arise. Continue to decrease your financial obligations. Choose what's best for family. If it goes against your grain, turn it down.

Tomorrow's Horoscope

Take a break on your journey. Stop and savor peace and beauty where you find it. Gather in the abundance. You're very lucky now. You experience a philosophical shift or spiritual insight. Follow through on your partner's imaginative ideas.

  • Love 7
  • Communication6
  • Work 7

Tomorrow's Aspects

  • 7:56 AM Moon conjunct Jupiter Explore new work space options. A very lucky moment for love. Good news from far away. Go along with everything else. Keep your objective in mind.
  • 2:36 PM Venus sextile Uranus Meditation helps you see things differently. Do what you love, and love what you do. Listen carefully. Continue to stash away goodies. Completion fosters creativity.
  • 5:05 PM Moon Trine Uranus Friendship prevails. Trust a crazy hunch. Pay back a favor. Clean closets. Intuition provides the best timing. Someone brings home a surprise. Dreams provide insight.
  • 5:20 PM Moon sextile Venus Examine personal opportunities. Friends give you a boost.
  • 8:32 PM Moon square Mars Don't go, yet. Hold your temper. Don't push your personal beliefs onto others. Don't take action, yet. Finish your preparations. Take time for passionate embrace.

Monday's Horoscope

Discover deep beauty in silence. Find exquisite peace in music. You're especially intuitive and sensitive today. Depend on your teammates. Experience pays. Your friends make an important connection. Review the past for insights on the current situation.

  • Love 8
  • Communication6
  • Work 6

Monday's Aspects

  • 7:11 AM Moon square Mercury Talk about what you love, and remain forgiving with miscommunications. Another obstacle could arise, so just roll with it. Ignore false rumors and gossip.
  • 6:05 PM Moon enters Virgo Take action after now. Reject a far-fetched scheme in favor of a practical solution. Energy surges predicted. As you gain strength, you also gain options.

April's Horoscope

A turning point arises in your creative expression. Write your novel or screenplay, record music, or craft a compelling promotion. People listen now. For the next eight months, it's easier to concentrate. You'll be more effective for the next eight months. Focus on fine-tuning your home, rather than renovation, for the next five months. Perfect your place over the next five months. It's a good thing. Your applause is greatly appreciated. And forming partnerships. Show respect,. Slow and steady wins the race.

Significant Dates

  • Apr4
  • Apr8
  • Apr17
  • Apr18


Mercury is direct

for another…

2015-05-18 11:59:59 -0700

The smallest planet in the Solar System, Mercury's closest to the Sun and completes an orbit every 88 days.

Mercury's retrograde lasts about three weeks, and occurs three times a year. Mercury's the planet that rules over communication, intellect, education, commerce and transportation. Retrograde effects include slowing, blocking, jamming and breakdowns. Listening and reviewing gets more important, as the message can become garbled, lost or delayed.

Mercury's the ruling planet for both Gemini and Virgo, so people born under these signs can be more affected by Mercury Retrograde.

Mars is direct

for another…

2016-04-17 04:59:59 -0700

Mars is the action planet, named for the warrior god in Roman mythology. It takes the fourth planet about 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

When Mars goes retrograde, which it does every 2 and a half years (usually for two months), thought takes precedence over overt actions, and pressure can become internalized. Stress can lead to health problems, and impulsiveness can lead to arguments and accidents. Release emotion with exercise. It's a good time to take it slower, review the plans, and re-define goals and methods. Avoid risky business, for love or money. New endeavors can stall or may not go as intended, so it's better to choose a launch date after Mars goes direct.

Mars retrograde affects each person individually according to their natal chart, but in general, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, so these signs are especially affected.